Code of Ethics

The Importance of Ethics at Neopharm Group

Naturally, the field of pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, medical equipment and devices has an impact on the health and lives of people; and therefore, it necessitates a great deal of  business and ethical responsibility.  Neopharm has always ascribed importance to the Group’s professional rules of ethics and requires its employees to conduct themselves accordingly, in a manner that is proper and fitting.  Ethics are expressed in the Group in the decision making process and the ongoing management, both among the organization’s employees and when working with customers, business partners and suppliers.

Neopharm believes that its employees’ commitment to humane and ethical conduct is essential for its success as one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of healthcare. Neopharm’s vision is to provide leading  innovative solutions to improve quality of life, while creating maximum value for its customers, business partners, employees and shareholders.  As part of its fulfilling this vision and acknowledging the importance of creating a written code that incorporates the ethical rules, Neopharm has formulated a code of ethics in cooperation with its employees. This process was designed to create a clear language that defines the rules of conduct that will guide the employees in their work with the Group’s stakeholders.

Over 150 of the Group’s employees and managers took part in the process of formulating this code of ethics.  Interviews were held with external stakeholders in Israel and around the world, including business partners, doctors, pharmacists, suppliers, associations and medical institutions.

For the purpose of making this ethical code accessible to daily business life, Neopharm has chosen to present it with reference to the stakeholders, and to incorporate ethical issues that are characteristic of the Group’s regular dealings.


To read the full Code of Ethics please click here

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