Promedico has a broad customer base and over 4,000 points of sale nationwide that include community pharmacies, hospitals, HMOs, senior living facilities, drugstore chains, at-home care, clinics, laboratories and research institutes, food chains, nature food stores, and convenience stores.

As part of our service approach, Promedico guarantees to supply prescription drugs within 24 hours from receipt of an order, and other products within 48 hours, with all due care and uncompromising commitment to GDP and GMP standards.

This commitment is also reflected in our urgent life-saving drug delivery service, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Community-based pharmacies

Community-based pharmacies are Promedico’s most important customers. We serve all pharmacies in Israel and provide efficient, accessible service that allows pharmacies to order at all hours of the day or night.

Promedico’s relationship with community-based pharmacies is founded on service and collaboration. The monthly ordering system for prescription drugs is an example of such collaboration: the system assists pharmacies in efficient and simple inventory management. This system, the only one of its kind in Israel, helps customers adjust their required inventory levels every month to prevent surpluses and potential expired-drug returns. Pharmacies that use these also services receive unique cash-flow assistance benefits.


Drugstore chains

Promedico is committed to maintaining a personal, ongoing relationship with all drugstore chain management representatives and with the representatives of each individual location.

This approach has led to full cooperation between Promedico and the drugstore chains and significant assistance in determining and maintaining the required inventory levels of OTC drugs, using an advanced order and inventory management system.


Healthcare service providers

Our customers in this category, with nationwide locations, include government hospitals, public hospitals, and HMO-owned hospitals; HMOs and their branches throughout the country; senior living facilities, assisted living facilities, and dental clinics.

Promedico also supplies products to various government ministries, as well as the MoH and the Ministry of Defense.

We are committed to reaching each customer in a manner that fits its needs and convenience.


Food chains

Promedico has a nationwide distribution channel that reaches all the customers of the organized and non-organized food market, and makes bulk deliveries to centralized logistics centers or to individual locations on a daily basis.


Health food stores

After NeoLife recently joined the Neopharm Group, Promedico entered into a strategic collaboration with health food stores. Since then, we deliver a broad range of products to health food stores on a daily basis.

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