Customer Services and Billing

Customer Service

Promedico is committed to attentive professional service to its clients, whether they are clients whose products we distribute or customers to whom we deliver.

Promedico’s customer service and collection system handles over 4,000 customers who generate several hundred orders every day. We invest careful efforts to ensure that we give our customers a positive experience that reinforces our warm supplier-customer relations.

Promedico’s customer service is supported by a system of procedures, standards, codes of conduct, and requirements designed to maintain the highest standards and quality.

We invest extensively in our human resources to maintain a high level of professionalism in our customer service staff and ensure that our customer service representatives are satisfied and motivated to provide excellent service wholeheartedly.

To retain our customers’ loyalty over time, we place special emphasis on high quality, attentive, available, reliable customer service and strive to create satisfaction for each and every customer.

Business hours of the customer service center:

Sunday – Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00

Friday and holiday eves – between 8:00 and 12:00.

An emergency service is available after 17:00 for life-saving drugs that are dispensed around the clock.

The customer ordering process is automatically linked to various IT systems, which allows customers to track their orders on multiple media.

The customer service center is staffed by four separate teams: private customers, institutional customers, sales rep support, and Similac loyalty plan members.

Sales Rep Support Center – an integral part of our customer service system

One of Promedico’s added values is a special call center for sales reps of Promedico’s distributed products. The call center has received high acclaims for its professional work and high standard of service.

Team members receive orders from sales reps and enter them into the system; and inform sales reps of special customer promotions and offers. Team members also oversee payment issues.

Back office

Promedico’s Back Office Department handles customer complaints referred from the customer service teams. The Back Office Department performs a brief inquiry of the complaint with the customer and conducts an internal inquiry concerning the nature of the complaint, to allow us to learn from each case and improve in the future. The department maintains contact with the customer until the complaint is resolved.



The Billing Department links all the various functions in the Neopharm Group that handle customer payments. The department is in charge of collecting payment for sales made by all Group companies, and thus addresses an extremely broad range of customers. The department is in charge of account management for all customers, which entails control over customers’ approved credit, and maintaining an updated ERP system database.

The experienced, reliable professionals in Promedico’s billing team have a background in service-oriented finance. A specific account officer is appointed to each customer, and is responsible to prevent credit overruns or proactively track credit balances to potential problems with future orders.


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