About Promedico

Promedico is  a part of the Neopharm Group. The company provides supply chain services to multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment,  healthcare products and consumers products markets in Israel. Promedico offers specialized services in a broad range of product categories including food, infant nutrition, medical nutrition, personal hygiene, cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics, and food supplements.

Promedico provides a one stop shop for supply chain services, from import and export, a variety of storage solutions for diverse product categories, distribution capabilities to a wide range of customers, information management, and added-value services.

Promedico’s services are unique in the extent of customization that the company performs to customer needs, and in its ability to reach the broadest points of sale range in Israel’s healthcare and retail markets.

Promedico serves a wide range of customers that include pharmacies, drugstore chains, health funds, hospitals, senior living facilities, medical clinics, universities research institutes and laboratories, food chains, health food chains, and convenience stores.

Promedico handles over 1,000 orders per day and 22,000 deliveries per month, processing goods that also include sensitive products such as vaccines, biological products, and radioactive products, which require careful treatment.

Promedico is committed to the highest standards of quality, service, and the optimal customization of its operations to the goals of its strategic partners. The company’s logistic center is located in the EmeqHefer Industrial Zone.

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