Added-Value Services


Promedico is a MoH-certified manufacturer/importer, provides relabeling services to its client-partners, the companies whose products Promedico distributes.

Relabeling is performed by a dedicated department that replaces and attaches labels and adds inserts to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumables, food supplements, and medical devices, according to GMP standards and MoH procedures.

Operations are concentrated in three relabeling rooms, each of which operates specific work procedures based on the type of task and preparation. The process undergoes continuous control and procedure compliance is constantly inspected.

The department has extensive experience. Its relabeling operations involve over 10 million items every year, under strict supervision of a pharmacist. The Relabeling Department complies with the highest standards of performance, and the department’s operations are controlled and certified by Promedico’s partners, multinational pharmaceutical companies, as part of their ongoing external control procedures.


Logistic support for clinical trials

Promedico offers logistical support services for clinical trials, from filing import permit applications for investigational products, receipt and storage of inventory in the proper conditions, inventory reconciliation management over the lifetime of the trial, QP release, dispensation of products to clinical trial centers and distribution to all sites, including to participants’ homes, and administration and management of product returns.

Logistical support operations for clinical trials are performed at the required quality standards and under close pharmacist supervision, which ensure compliance with all requirements.


Trade shows and promotion

Promedico has the ability to handle all our clients’ trade show and congress’s needs — from roll-up devices, through various modular pop-up systems to comprehensive service packages.

We believe that our experience and knowhow helps us give any client the best solution for his needs and budget.

With our experience and knowledge, gained after years of work with many clients, and our strong ties with suppliers and service contractors, Promedico offers a broad range of solutions and ideas for the design, production, and execution of trade show media and presentations.

The department handles hundreds of congresses and trade shows each year. Our clients are counted among Israel’s leading pharmaceutical companies including Neopharm Israel, Abbott, and Eldan.

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