Quality Assurance

Management’s Commitment

Quality assurance is a broad concept that covers all the elements that affect the quality of individual products or product categories. Quality assurance entails all the actions that are performed to ensure that medicinal preparations and other products maintain the required quality for their intended use.

QA procedures therefore also address compliance with GMP/GDP standards and other requirements.

Promedico assumes the responsibility for the quality of the medicinal and other products that it distributes, to ensure that they comply with applicable legal requirements and intended use, and pose no harm to patients caused by poor quality.

Achieving these quality assurance goals is the responsibility of Promedico’s management, and the shared commitment of all executives and employees. Promedico’s management and staff continuously implement quality requirements, strive to meet clients’ needs, and promote a continuous quality improvement process throughout the company.


Quality Assurance

Since 2007, Promedico operates under the quality system certified by the Israeli Standards Institute (ISI), based on ISO 9001 requirements.

In 2008, Promedico incorporated two additional quality standards into the company’s QA system: ISO 14001 for environmental systems management and Israeli Standard 18001 for safety and occupational health systems management.

Promedico’s integrated QA system has been recognized by the ISI, which awards a Golden Mark to companies certified in at least three different quality standards.

In addition to ISI certification of Promedico’s quality assurance system as a whole, Promedico, which imports, stores, and distributes pharmaceuticals, operates under the supervision of the MoH and complies with European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, which include guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

As required by legislation that came into effect in 2010, Promedico’s operations are inspected by the MoH Institute for Medicinal Substances Control and Standards. Based on its compliance with these requirements, Promedico received an Importer’s License and GMP approval for relabeling, issued by the MoH.

Promedico’s partners, whose products it distributes, are in safe hands. Promedico meets the most stringent quality requirements defined by GMP/GDP and operates according to all applicable legal requirements and generally accepted standards.

Promedico’s QA operations are continuously integrated into all levels of the company’s operations, which ensures that the medicinal and other products reach our customers in the proper condition.

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